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The Great Cat Debatehas been launched on the Fresh Step Litter Facebook page, encouraging people to vote if love cats or not. The campaign will occur in May and June on the Facebook page and will include features like funny cats going “toe-to-toe” with the cat community about the pros and cons of cat ownership.


Comedian Lisa Landry will lead a panel each week. Dubbed “CATegories,” there will be topics such as napping, cat nip, hairballs, and tales from the litter box. The cat community on the Fresh Step Facebook page will be encouraged to comment about their cats’ greatness. Landry shared, “I love a cat’s fierce personality, but let’s face it, they’re pretty weird. They just give me so much material along with their hairballs.”


Some of the other comedians that are expected to take part in the fun are Tom Segura, Dan Cummins, Ralph Harris, Christina Paszitzky and Debra DiGiovanni. Each cat commenter that partakes in the fun will be eligible to win a $1,000 prize. At the end, a $25,000 donation will be made to the ASPCA on behalf of Fresh Step litter. Since 2001, Fresh Step has donated over $2.5 million to the ASPCA.


David Kargas, a spokesperson for the Fresh Step litter brand and owner of two cats stated, “Cat lovers love the fact that cats play by their own set of rules. So we thought this topic would spark a fun and spirited debate in our community. As any cat-lover will tell you, their quirks are often their most endearing traits. Feline foes, well they just don’t get it.”


Fresh Step litter is a product of The Clorox Pet Products Company, which is a subsidiary of The Clorox Company in Oakland, California. They have 8,100 employees with revenues amounting to $5.2 billion in fiscal year 2011. Some of their other products include Green Works, Pine-Sol, Brita, Glad bags, and Burt’s Bees personal products.
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