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NIP Programs, a division of NIP Group, Inc., revealed a PetPro webinar which introduces brokers to the pet professional market.

PetPro is touted as a unique, one-stop complete insurance and risk management solution serving to protect pet care professional and their businesses. Brokers may register for this free webinar, which is being held Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 at 12:30 p.m.

The webinar plans to introduce brokers to the market of pet professionals and equip them with the necessary knowledge. Some of the webinar topics include pet care industry trends, risks and exposures unique to pet professionals, and the variety of coverage and risk management solutions that PetPro offers.

“Opportunities are growing in the pet care industry, with pet owners spending ever more money on products and services such as specialty pet foods, pet clothing and daycare,” said Kelly Spencer, PetPro Program Manager and webinar presenter. “As veterinary hospitals upgrade to more specialized equipment and more professionals are involved in a pet’s day-to-day life, there is increased risk for pet care professionals and increased opportunities for insurance agents and brokers.”

NIP Programs, a division of NIP Group, Inc., is a leading U.S. Specialty insurance program manager operating in all states. NIP Group, Inc. is a specialized business insurance and risk management intermediary, ranked among the largest 100 in the United States and providing a wide range of brokerage, underwriting and risk management services to select market segments.

Sign up for the free webinar by visiting PetPro information may be gleaned from their news and information postings on Facebook, located at and/or following them on Twitter at

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