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Freaky Dog People Inc. (FDP), an online, pet-themed, apparel retailer and dog-loving community hotspot, launched a campaign donating 30 percent of sales to participating animal shelters and rescue centers.

When traffic is pushed to the FDP website by way of an FDP banner advertisement placed on a nonprofit’s website, FDP will donate 30 percent of the purchase to the nonprofit. FDP cites helping nonprofits as a primary goal of the company on their ecommerce page.

Partnership also provides the opportunity to participate with Freaky Dog People in cross-promotions with other dog-related businesses and during special events.

“By teaming up with rescues in this way, we hope that we can help them develop a fundraising program that will allow them to care for and find loving homes for more dogs,” said Leanne Afetian, president of Freaky Dog People. “Thus, we are excited and eager to get the word out about the program to as many organizations as possible, as well as to dog lovers who can encourage the rescues [that] they support to participate.”

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