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This Veterans Day, recognizes four veteran cats who have served with the armed forces. The four cats honored include Crimean Tom, a mascot adopted by English soldiers in the mid 1800s. During wartime, Russian troops stored hidden food beneath rubble piles and this cat helped the French and English Troops uncover the nourishment.


Maritime cat, Tiddles, served as cat to the Captain aboard the HMS Victorious in the early 1940s. With his 30,000 miles of logged sea time, it is believed Tiddles is one of the reasons the black cat is considered a good luck symbol in Great Britain.


The third cat recognized by is Able Seacat Simon, who began his career in 1948 as the Royal Navy’s formal ratter aboard the Amethyst. He received two awards in 1949, one of them being the Dickin Medal for animal gallantry. Upon his death, the cat was buried with full naval honors and is the only feline to ever receive the Dickin Medal.


Rounding out the list of honored felines is Pfc. Hammer, who in 2004, moved in with a United States Army unit in Iraq. His job was to chase and kill mice that might have otherwise contaminated or eaten the soldiers’ food supply. The soldiers rallied for the cat and brought him home after they served. Pfc. Hammer now lives in Colorado with Staff Sgt. Rick Bousefield.


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