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Harry Barker was born from the belief that pets are part of our families and that they deserve the best the world has to offer,” the Harry Barker website boasts. Indeed, founder Carol Perkins modeled with Ford New York, Paris, and London, and while recovering from a life-threatening battle with a rare brain tumor, Carol began creating dog beds, toys, and robes for friends as therapy. Today, The Harry Barker line includes an array of dog items and apparel, spa products and items for pets and their people.

Now a former Wall Street Executive, Jessica Gibadlo, is combining her passions with what she calls her “dream job” at Harry Barker. By breaking into the $55 billion dollar industry of pet products, she told the Charleston Regional Business Journal that the design aesthetic founded and created by Carol Perkins will help make the company grow.


No stranger to a hard work ethic, Gibadlo is the former vice president at Lehman Brothers. She told the reporter with the Journal that when work broke about Lehman’s bankruptcy, the experience shaped her in how she will lead Harry Barker.

“I think you can’t be naive about the challenges that could come your way,” Gibadlo said. “I think a lot of us were drinking the Kool-Aid, but you have to anticipate the unexpected.”

After a short stint as part-time consultant for Harry Barker, the company’s owner decided to focus on the creative side this past April. As a result, Gibadlo was promoted to CEO. She has already gotten involved with several aspects of Harry Barker, including sourcing company products and connecting with customers.

“We all have to jump in and fill a need,” Gibadlo said. “I have my hands in a lot.”

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