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For The Earth Corporation has secured a relationship with another major mass retailer to begin both stocking and selling another of For The Earth’s flagship products effective early 2012.

For The Earth company focuses on green and biodegradable products for consumers. The company strives to create, market and sell products that maximize environmentally beneficial attributes while minimizing adverse health effects.


Nelson Grist, CEO and President For The Earth Corporation, commented, “This particular retailer has a strong presence throughout the United States and around the world. I’m eager to announce the identity of this retailer, but that will understandably need to wait. Everyone will see how this retailer’s confidence in our family of products can be a great indication of the confidence of the market itself. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial future with this chain.”


Because of its new relationship with a major mass retailer, they hope to grow their revenue. Due to the success of one of their existing lines, For The Earth was able to showcase their monetary and strategic stronghold with the products they carry. For The Earth carries a number of products in their pet products division. Coupled with the earth-friendly products they manufacture, the company expects continued significant revenue increases.


For The Earth never tests on animals, nor do they use animal ingredients in their product lines. Some of their current line includes What Odor®, a biodegradable odor-removing product; PaPurr®, an environmentally friendly scoopable cat litter, and the soon-to-be released What Dirt®, a non-toxic biodegradable product to remove dirt.


As part of their mission to create, acquire and manufacture products with a purpose, For The Earth focuses on the needs of retailers and industrial customers in the United States and beyond. More information may be found by visiting

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