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LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (September 23, 2014) – Puppy pads are a great solution for many dog owners, but used puppy pads in your home have always been a messy and smelly problem – until now! The Puppy Pad Wizard™ makes puppy pad disposal simple. A patent-pending product, the Puppy Pad Wizard combines a unique design that is made just for dogs with the convenience of storing your used puppy pads in your home until trash day without unwanted odor.

The Puppy Pad Wizard was created by Katie Brennan, a mom of two young children and a Yorkshire Terrier named Martini, known as Tini around the house. As a parent that has had two children in diapers and a dog using puppy pads, she knows all about stink. Brennan wanted to create something totally different than any other diaper pail system she had used in the past.

“There is nothing like this currently on the market,” Brennan said. “I designed the Puppy Pad Wizard because I wanted to have something special and unique that could be used for my dogs’ used pads. My dog was a wedding present from my husband and is the definition of a pampered pup. The Puppy Pad Wizard is perfect for the dog that deserves the best of everything. Your baby has a diaper pail, so why shouldn’t your four-legged baby have a Puppy Pad Wizard?”

Designed and made solely for dogs with an iconic fire hydrant shape, the Puppy Pad Wizard has a spring-loaded push-pull drawer, a feature that sets this product apart because users don’t need to push their hand through a trap door to dispose of waste, so hands stay clean and dry. Puppy Pad Wizard refresh, the brand’s odor neutralizing spray, is poured directly into a spray mechanism built into the design to neutralize odors on contact. After a dirtied pad is placed into the Puppy Pad Wizard, simply press the top button to release the non-scented, totally “green” odor fighter. While the Puppy Pad Wizard does offer custom fit odor control trash bags, any bag that will fit inside the cavity of the Puppy Pad Wizard can be used to contain waste, meaning there are no expensive refill systems. Removing and replacing the bag is simple.

Brennan acknowledges that the Puppy Pad Wizard fills the need for a simple clean-up solution not just for puppies, but for dogs of all ages .“Puppy pads or wee-wee pads or dog training pads are all the same with just different names,” Brennan said. “Dogs of all ages use these pads; they are not just for puppies, making the Puppy Pad Wizard a necessity for any dog owner that uses puppy pads.”

The Puppy Pad Wizard is available for $129.99 with free shipping at and comes with a free 8oz. bottle of Puppy Pad Wizard refresh (the odor neutralizing spray) and 30 Puppy Pad Wizard bags (custom fit odor control trash bags).

About Puppy Pad Wizard
Puppy Pad Wizard, LLC is headquartered in Laguna Beach, Calif. and run by husband/wife team, Stephen and Katie Brennan. Katie handles most of the day-to-day activities, as most moms do, and Stephen is responsible for marketing and strategic partnerships. For more information, please visit or contact us at Connect with us on Twitter and YouTube.

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