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OrthoPets, orthotic brace, prosthetic and veterinary clinic operating in Denver, completed the first-ever prosthetic paw procedure on all four legs of Naki’o , a young Red Heeler.

OrthoPets focuses on non-invasive health care techniques to rehabilitate animals and give them a second chance for a normal life. OrthoPets is a full time clinic opened by Martin Kaufmann, Naki’o’s specialist.

OrthoPets specialists were so pleased with the results of Naki’o’s surgery that the dog’s new owner did not have to pay for the procedure. Naki’o injury was a result from his former owner’s neglect. He found a care giver after spending time healing at a local animal rescue center. His new parent is Christie Tomlinson, a veterinary technician.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for animals with problems,” said Tomlinson, “I knew I had the skills and knowledge to be able to take care of him properly. I took him to work with me every day and was able to x-ray his legs regularly to see how they were developing.”

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