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FindToto is an alert service that I geared for lost pets and has reunited San Clemente, ca. resident Ryan Peebles and his Jack Russell Terrier, Kiley. Kiley was found within two hours of the first FindToto alert.

“I received a couple of calls immediately after the alert began; people just calling to inquire regarding the exact location where I lost her.” says Peebles. As they searched the neighborhood they continued to hear from neighbors who had heard the Toto alert.

“Then I received a call from a woman who had just returned home and listened to the alert on her answering machine. She just finished giving my dog a walk!” said Peebles.

FindToto sends out 30 second phone messages to zip codes and neighbors that are located close to where the dog was last seen. In Kylie’s case 2,500 people received the alert.

FindToto also has an iPhone application called iFindToto. It is free to download and can be used to report sightings and found pets. The app has increased success rate in large metropolitan areas.  There is now a 78.2 percent success rate within a 48 hour time frame. There are over 7 million pets a year that go missing and FindToto is working with new media to lessen the problem.

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