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NEW YORK (May 27, 2014) – Fetch ID is here to blow away the competition in the pet registration industry with its low cost and Google-powered pet microchip registration services. With Fetch ID, the only cost to the pet owner is the one time fee of $9.99. There are no annual fees or hidden costs for the additional services Fetch ID offers as well –– $9.99 and the pet is protected for life. That cost doesn’t just cover a basic microchip registration either, the one time fee covers $500 for travel assistance, lost pet alerts, custom printable lost pet posters, and being entered into Fetch ID’s, Google searchable, pet microchip database.

Fetch ID is innovating the registration industry by making it more efficient with its next generation search. The industry’s current standard is a system of (800) numbers that need to be called in order to track down a lost pet’s owner. Fetch ID bypasses this outdated system by allowing owners of registered pets to be found with a simple Google search. There is no phone number to call or website to remember with Fetch ID, it’s that simple. If someone can access Google, they can find the owner of a Fetch ID registered pet.

It isn’t difficult for a pet owner who has already microchipped and registered their pet to become a Fetch ID member either –– any microchip, any manufacturer of microchips, even if it is already registered, can be registered with Fetch ID to unlock all the benefits Fetch ID has to offer. (800) Numbers are not the current “technology” for any company these days, why would they still be the system for locating lost pets? Now is the time for all pets and pet owners to be able to have access to the best technology the pet registration industry has to offer, all from Fetch ID.

Pet microchips can be registered at For more information about Fetch ID, check out this document.

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Media Contact:
Hugh V. Cottingham, CEO
Nanochip ID Inc.

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