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The Feline Conservation Federation Journal has announced that throughout the month of August, cat lovers can join online and extend their membership through October, 2013. The FCF Journal is published bi-monthly.

The history of the Feline Conservation Federation (FCF) is to responsibly promote captive husbandry and raise the standard of care “so that there is professionalism in every private owner.” The founding roots of FCF date back over 50 years when Catherine Cisin founded the Long Island Ocelot Club in order to help people who owned wild-caught ocelots as pets.

The FCF Journal is designed to provide legislative and regulation proposal news, commentary, and feline photos in an informative fashion for caregivers of wildcats. Members who sign up throughout August receive two extra issues of the Journal and will receive exclusive invitations to FCF events and learning opportunities.

The FCF was founded almost six decades ago and was first called the Long Island Ocelot Club. They are now called the FCF and show membership of 25 different species, which includes unique species not exhibited at zoos. Members of FCF reside in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Africa. Though led by a team of professional members, the FCF also offers a general membership.

FCF Managing Journal editor is Lynn Culver, who shared, “With 57 million domesticated cats living in American households; it is only natural that interest in their wild cousins is booming. These cat owners can join as general members to learn more about their pet’s wild ancestors.”

The July/August 2012 features a report on FCF’s tour of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens along with student critiques of the Wildlife Conservation Educator’s and the Feline Husbandry Courses.

A member of the FCF conservation committee tasked to award grants to field researchers needing FCF assistance for conservation and protection projects, Dr. Jim Sanderson also reports on efforts to help felines in nature.

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