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Nominated for DogTime Media’s Best Dog Blog “Pettie” Award, Busty and Leroy write in first person, or in first dog, and post daily photos documenting adventures on their photo blog, Two Cool Monsters.  Busty and Leroy are also on Twitter. Below is a sample of their writing style, biographies and short “Q & A” session with PetPR.


hi i’m  busty alexis heinen.  i love my brother leroy the most. my mom comes in a real close second tied with belly rubs. i got this tooth that just wont fit in my mouth and ears bigger than that dumbo guy, but my mom says thats what makes me so awesome.


hey i’m leroy butthead kaplan. i’m busty’s older brother. he’s a pretty cool dude. my moms the best, but i wish she’d stop telling me i should be a model when all i really wanna do is have long conversations with all the animals on television.

Alexis and Jenn

Alexis and Jenn are our super awesome moms. Don’t let them tell you they help us with this blog though. We do all the work. They feed us every day, let us sleep in their beds and rub our bellies almost every time we look at them. They pretty much let us get away with whatever we want because we’re so good looking. We couldn’t live without ether. Mainly because we can’t open bags of dog food.


PetPR: When did you begin blogging? When did you begin Two Cool Monsters?

Busty and Leroy: Our moms started blogging in February of 2008. The blog was about their daily lives, so it was only natural for us to follow in their footsteps.

PetPR: What inspired you to blog? Why did you start Two Cool Monsters?

Busty and Leroy: We’re so precious our moms couldn’t resist letting us share our adventures with the world.  Plus the more we blog the more belly rubs we get.

PetPR: Do you work with any animal organizations?

Busty and Leroy: Well Leroy barks at the tv a lot – but that probably doesn’t count?  We haven’t officially worked with any yet – but we plan on helping as many other doggies as we can in the future.

PetPR: Do you write for any other blogs or publications?

Busty and Leroy: No, but we see our moms read a lot of them.

PetPR: What schools did you and Jenn go to? What did you major in?

Busty and Leroy: Our moms went to middle school and high school together in Miami. Alexis then went to the University of Colorado and Parsons University for graphic design. Jenn went to Wesleyan University where she studied sociology. We don’t really think college is in our future though… we’d rather focus on blogging and food.

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