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Sonia Singh was born the younger sibling of a German Shepherd mix. Ever since, she’s had two lifelong passions: big dogs and writing about them.  Even today, Sonia can’t imagine her life without a big dog.

When she struck out on her own, the first thing she did was adopt a puppy. From the moment they met, Sonia couldn’t resist Nala’s calm nature, nor her big ears and bigger paws. Sonia noticed two things as Nala grew. First, finding cool stuff for big dogs was hard. Second, her deep understanding of big dogs wasn’t something all dog owners had. Coworkers and friends would seek out Sonia for recommendations on products and training solutions.  So she left her nonprofit career and was born.

Sonia’s blog is a realistic look at life with big dogs. She will balance a post about the importance of maintaining a dog’s optimal weight with a post detailing her own struggles managing Nala’s weight. Another post questions whether breed matters as well as one explaining how dog DNA testing works. Posts on dog behavior range from handling serious problems like nuisance barking to simpler issues like why dogs eat grass. The blog’s honesty acknowledges struggles and varying perspectives while educating big dog owners.

Sonia’s home is dominated by Nala the pound puppy, who loudly greets the mailman daily and whose tail regularly assumes table-clearing duties. Nala is the inspiration behind and serves as its chief product tester and model, happily wearing a thunder shirt for dogs and other test products to make sure they’re good enough for other big dogs in the Posse.

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