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A professional writer and award-winning dog blogger based in Colorado, Roxanne Hawn doesn’t just love dogs. She deep-down requires them in life. That’s why it’s such a joy to write about all things canine.

Roxanne began writing about pets in 1995, when she worked for the American Animal Hospital Association and later for the American Humane Association. During this period in her career, Roxanne served on the board of directors for the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (a coalition of animal welfare groups). Roxanne also volunteered for many years at an animal shelter, where she witnessed firsthand what happens when the human-animal bond breaks or never forms.

Since she started freelancing full time in 1999, many top dog magazines have published her work, including:

·         The Bark

·         Healthypet

·         Modern Dog

·         AKC Family Dog

·         AKC Gazette

·         Clean Run (a dog agility magazine)

She also writes for many pet industry trade magazines, including some in the veterinary profession. Roxanne’s work has been published by big-name publications such as The New York Times,, Natural Home and Reader’s Digest.

Roxanne began blogging about her fearful border collie, Lilly, in April 2007 to build content and a fan base for a dog memoir. Called Champion of My Heart, the blog chronicles training challenges and life in general with a brilliant, sensitive dog always at her side. In September 2010, Roxanne and Lilly recently won the first-ever DogTime Media Best Dog Blog Award (Pettie Award) and was nominated for the award again this year. The ceremony will take place in late August. The prize is a sum to be donated to a shelter or charity of the winner’s choosing. Roxanne donated her prize to help fund the very shelter from which she adopted Lilly, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

Champion of My Heart is a real-time memoir of life with a fearful border collie. She  and her team also write product reviews and book reviews. They cover both behavioral and medical topics and are well known for free downloads of MP3 files to help people do a relaxation protocol with their dogs.

Happily married and living in the Rocky Mountains, Roxanne spends her days fully engaged with her canine family members as well as doing research, conducting interviews and writing on topics that both amuse and educate. She is mom to Lilly (border collie, agility prospect) and Ginko (lab + greyhound mix, sofa captain).

You can find her online at, and on Twitter @roxannehawn or @champofmyheart.

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