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Pamela Douglas Webster started her blog, Something Wagging This Way Comes, to contain her offbeat musings about the furry aliens who share our homes. You might know the furry aliens by their common name—dog.

Something Wagging has attracted a smart and literate following of dog lovers interested in understanding and enhancing the bond with their animals. Their opinionated and witty comments have made the site into an impromptu community and a Technorati Top 100 Pet Blog.

Something Wagging’s weekly Puppiness Project is the popular feature where Pamela takes life lessons from her Golden Retriever, Honey. Response to the Puppiness Project leads Pamela to believe she’s not the only person who needs to learn to wag her tail more and her tongue less along with the dozens of other things Honey has taught her.

Pamela lives in the Finger Lakes region of New York and shares her home with her husband as well as Honey. Occasionally, she also shares her home with puppies from the local SPCA needing foster care.

Pamela’s day job as a housing counselor at a local nonprofit led her to start a second blog, Hands on Home Buyer: the simple, irreverent, and informative guide to buying your first home. She manages to sneak her interest in dogs into the home buyer blog as well. One of her most read posts shares how to protect your homeowner’s insurance from breed discriminatory policies.

Recently, Pamela joined A Traveler’s Library as a contributor reviewing pet travel books and films. Pamela hopes to move beyond armchair traveling as soon as Honey learns to enjoy sailing as much as she and her husband do.

Along with visiting her blogs, keep up with Pamela on Something Wagging’s and Hands on Home Buyer’s Facebook pages.

On Twitter, Pamela tweets as @S_Wagging and @handsonHB.

Visit Pamela’s blog at

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