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In his role as editor of one of the world’s largest and most recognized dog news and entertainment websites, Neil Brogan spends his days aggregating and producing compelling canine content from all four corners of the globe for Life With Dogs.


Brogan and his team of dog-obsessed contributors have amassed an audience of canine enthusiasts who appreciate and enjoy a mix of educational, informative, and often light-hearted material – presented with neutrality in a world overflowing with opinion-based journalism. It’s a balancing act, and he admits that it’s a demanding and somewhat challenging job.


“Trying to balance the concerns of true ‘dog fanatics’ with entertaining the world of dog lovers at large is never easy,” he says. “But that’s also the best part of the job. In my role as editor, I’ve assigned myself the responsibility of creating a mix of content that draws interest from the average dog lover while meeting the needs of those already educated about the most important issues our best friends face. “

Recent media coverage has brought a new wave of readers: a video released by the site earlier this year went viral, and has been recognized by both YouTube and Facebook as one of the most shared items of the year after garnering more than 11 million views.


For 2012, Brogan and company are expanding: in addition to a number of new initiatives for the dog site, a re-launch is in the works for Life With Cats – the growing feline counterpart to Life With Dogs.

“There are plenty of websites and news outlets that will tell you how to think, and we have no desire to be one of them,” he says. “Our job is to bring our readers information that we feel is important, and to let them – through community discussions, deduction or otherwise – arrive at their own, well-informed conclusions.”

Brogan adds that 2012 will see an increase in advocacy initiatives, a subject near and dear to his heart.

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