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Michelle Maskaly is a pet lifestyle writer, freelance journalist and social media marketing consultant who found the perfect way to mesh her writing skills and her love for all things dogs by creating My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much, a pet lifestyle website focusing on everything dog, and sometimes cat, related.

Growing up around animals, and spending almost every weekend at her aunt’s farm, she originally wanted to be a veterinarian. That dream that was squashed at a young age after her vet taught her how to draw blood from her dog as part of the pup’s routine exam and Michelle squirmed more than the dog.

That’s when she turned to her other passion — writing and news. After more than 10 years of covering crime, hard news, government and politics, Michelle discovered pet lifestyle writing and fell in love with it.

She not only writes about her kayak adventures with her four-year-old dog Toby, his heart-warming antics and shares photos of their travels, but also introduces her readers to some of the latest pet products and trends.

Her work has appeared in local, national and international newspapers and websites, on corporate homepages and on industry blogs. Michelle has spoken at various journalism and pet related conferences and panels.

She is a former two-term president of the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists, and has previously served as the online editor for Tails Magazine.
Michelle also writes the food, travel and lifestyle website The Adirondack Chick where she shares healthy recipes, entertaining tips, DIY projects and more.
Connect with Maskaly at her blog, My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much. Also LIKE them on Facebook She is on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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