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Michele C. Hollow writes Pet News and Views, a blog for pet and wildlife lovers.  She often runs posts about pet care and wildlife issues. The blog has been nominated for the 2011 Petties’ Best Pet Blog. She encourages comments on the site and checks it daily.
She became a journalist several years ago. She writes about pets, wildlife, travel, and lifestyle topics. Her byline has appeared in The NY Times, NY Daily News, The Star-Ledger, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, Pet Style News, and other national publications. She is listed as an expert at

Hollow is the author of The Everything Guide to Working with Animals (Adams Media, April 2009). Writing about animals is her passion.

Her love for animals started early on. As a child, she took zoology classes at the Bronx Zoo and enjoyed learning about animals and as a result of the zoology classes she later became a volunteer tour guide at the Central Park Zoo in NYC.

She grew up with dogs and cats and has never purchased an animal. Her cat, Earl Gray, wound up on her doorstep one evening about 11 years ago. He had a badly broken leg. When she opened the door he limped right inside. He sensed that it was okay. Earl sits on her desk while she writes.

Hollow can be reached at or on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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