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Mary Louise Shenk and her daughter Hannah are co-founders of M&J Dog Essentials. This mother-daughter team from Chicago set out to put their esthetician licenses to good use and soon discovered the perfect place for their talents- their dogs! Both studied at Aveda. Mary Louise has also been a dedicated herbologist for 15 years.

M&J Dog Essentials was founded with a mission to ensure that all dogs have the healthiest skin and coats possible. Their all-natural products contain absolutely no harsh chemicals, no synthetic fragrances and are ph-balanced especially for dogs.

Soon, they launched a full-scale social media campaign, including a blog called “A Dog’s Life” where you can learn more about achieving an ideal healthy lifestyle, through grooming, nutrition and exercise, for your dog.

Mary Louise’s blog writing focuses on back stories of M&J’s all-natural product line, behind-the-scenes looks at their trade show adventures, her experience with flower essences and herbology and how it informed their business.

M&J Dog Essentials has been featured in pet product review blogs across the country and major publications such as:

  • Fido Friendly
  • Modern Dog Magazine
  • City Dog

Find Mary Louise online at, Facebook and Twitter @mjdogessentials.

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