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Mary-Alice Pomputius lives with her husband, three cats, two chickens and a dog in Seattle. Their dog, Chloe, is a young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and they love her dearly.


Mary-Alice is the founder and writer of the blog, Dog Jaunt. Dog Jaunt is for people who want to take their dog along with them, on trips of any length. The blog is directed primarily at owners of small dogs, meaning a dog small enough to fit in a carrier under the airplane seat in front of someone. Mary-Alice revealed that some of the posts, though, will be useful and relevant to bigger dogs.


Since she and her husband travel often, in the U.S. and abroad, on nearly every trip they found themselves wishing that their feet-up time included a snoozing pet. Mary-Alice also spends a lot of time driving, and liked the idea of having a dog along for the ride. They chose a Cavalier because they are the right size (they wanted a dog small enough to fit in a carrier under an airline seat or in an over-the-shoulder tote) and the right temperament for them.


Dog Jaunt’s reviews of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants and parks include a rating system indicating our opinion of their appeal for dogs (0 to 5 bones) and people (0 to 5 stars). All other reviews (books, pet stores and other dog facilities) just include a 0 to 5 bones rating.


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