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Lisa Taron is a Founding Director (Independent Consultant) of Heritage Makers, the online printing and digital scrapbooking company.  Known to many in the pet industry and pet-bloggers world as “The Pet Book Lady”, she is very passionate about encouraging people to celebrate the love for their pets.  In fact she says she is on a lifetime mission to assist people in doing so.   She authors the blog; Celebrate Your Life with Heritage Makers, where she focuses on the connection people have with their pets of all kinds.  She enjoys promoting causes and businesses on her blog that are also passionate about the meaning and joy pets bring to our lives.


Lisa grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, with a number of family pets over the years – dogs, guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits, mice, and even snakes.  She considers herself an animal lover, regardless of whether they are cute and cuddly or rough and scaly.


She has a Master’s Degree in Gerontology and recognizes the importance of pets in the lives of the elderly.  Lisa is also a published illustrator, and you can find her art work on her business website and on her blog.


Connect with Lisa on Twitter (@thepetbooklady), on her Facebook page at, and also check out her additional blog, Cat Patrol Union, which is a fun and creative outlet for her.

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