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Laura Goldman is a long-time professional writer whose love of mutts started when she was just three years old and her family adopted a German Shepherd mix pound puppy. Along with dogs, Goldman love turtles, elephants and other critters, and continues to blog about animals for and When she’s not writing about animals, she love to hang out with her two Pit Bull-mix pound pups: Leroy and Ella.


Goldman used to buy into the hype that Pit Bulls were mean and vicious…until she got one of her own. Now she knows that their main offense is “waterboarding” you with slobbery kisses, along with always wanting to hop onto your lap and snuggle, even though they weigh 70 pounds.


Laura Goldman’s work has been featured in the LA Times, for breaking the news story about’s CEO shooting and killing an elephant for fun while on vacation. Goldman has also written several popular stories for i Love Dogs such as the ongoing saga of Lennox, a dog in Belfast, UK that was taken from his family for resembling a Pit Bull. She also wrote passionately about the controversy that arose when Subway awarded Michael Vick their Sportsman of the Year Award at the 2011 BET Awards. Both stories have gained a lot of attention and raised high emotions in animal lovers everywhere.

This year, Goldman has hosted on-camera interviews with Oscar-nominated actress Linda Blair and Animal Planet Star Shorty Rossi. Recently, one of her blog posts was featured on an episode of Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls & Parolees.

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