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The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club is a feline-friendly site for readers to gather, share and discuss their love for all cats, big and small. While the primary focus is on felines of all sizes, the community cares for all earth’s creatures so there might be posts about elephants, frogs and even sometimes dogs.

Blogger Joanne McGonagle is in a Global Field Master of Zoology program and her concentration is on big cats. She recently returned from a field expedition in Kenya where she learned about the Lion Guardian project, the David Sheldrick Elephant Wildlife Trust, (elephant orphans), and was privileged to spend time with some of the Maasai in the South Rift Valley. Gracey, her muse, sometimes writes updates from the field about the interesting things learned during her mom’s travels.

Gracey, “The Tiniest Tiger,” is the inspiration behind the children’s book of the same name.  Urged to develop a social media platform for the book, Joanne surmised that Gracey’s voice and point of view might be more interesting than her own. The result was the launch of The Tiniest Tiger’s Facebook page.

Gracey blogs about all things concerning domestic cats, like nutrition, water, health, litter pan issues, toys, thinking circles and play time. The Tiniest Tiger community also lends a paw to helping others, resulting in over $30,000 in donations to needy cats.

The Tiniest Tiger has come a long way since she was rescued from the local pound. Gracey won week two of the Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest in 2010, where she eventually was selected as the Grand Prize Winner by the judges at Bissell.  The Tiniest Tiger became part of the Bissell Pack of Pet Lovers in 2011.  Gracey realizes how lucky she is to live in a loving and safe habitat.  Her wish is that all animals will be loved and cared for in the best way possible.

For more information, visit Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club, The Tiniest Tiger’s Facebook page, Twitter page, and YouTube account.

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