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Joan DeMartin is a recovering attorney turned college writing instructor and freelance writer. Her work can be read in FIDO Friendly, Dog Fancy, Cesar’s Way, and numerous other publications. She added inveterate pet blogger to her resume by sheer good fortune: always a pet owner and pet lover, Joan adopted her first mixed-breed dog, Bocci, from the local shelter in 2008, and a unique writing collaboration was born.

Bocci (as told to Joan) soon published a humor piece in Dog Fancy magazine, in which he complained bitterly about life with a cat, his failure to catch a squirrel and other sundry gripes about living with humans. After that auspicious literary debut, starting a blog together seemed a natural fit and in 2009, Bocci’s Beefs was born. Their blog has attracted a national and international following, and was recently featured alongside other stellar pet bloggers in the book, “15 Great Pet Blogs…And Their Most Memorable Posts.”

Shortly after the debut of Bocci’s Beefs, they discovered a new organization called BlogPaws, and with the help of these kindred spirits, discovered their blog’s mission: helping companion animals in need. Bocci’s Beefs is dedicated to promoting pet adoption and rescue, and providing a platform for discussion and learning about the myriad issues facing companion animals in our society today. Joan and Bocci believe that blogging, combined with other forms of social media, are powerful forces to speak for those creatures who cannot speak for themselves.

In their latest venture, Joan and Bocci are gathering dog rescue stories from around the world for a planned book, tentatively titled: “What It Means To Rescue A Dog: Love Stories From Around the World”. All submissions are welcome here:

You can find Joan and Bocci online at:, on Twitter @boccibeefs, and on Facebook.

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