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In 2009 Emmy Scammahorn transitioned from a career at the National Geographic Society to one as a live-in pet sitter in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Emmy the Pet Sitter combines three of her lifelong passions—animals, writing, and photography.
A German Shepherd named Bingo plunged 12-year-old Emmy in a love affair with all things furry. The animals and far-off places on the pages of the “National Geographic Magazine” drew her to the organization, where more than 30 years honed her high standards for publications. Close encounters at the National Geographic Society included petting a fruit bat, a pot bellied pig, and a kangaroo—and meeting Robert Redford.
In March 2011 she began the Emmy the Pet Sitter Blog  which addresses pet-sitting experiences, as well as local and national events. One highlight was a series of posts that familiarized BlogPaws  2011 Conference participants with dog-friendly restaurants, shops, and day trips near Tysons Corner, Va.
Emmy communicates daily through Facebook and Twitter. “Social media is a powerful way to help animals without spending a cent,” says Emmy. “The recession has impacted nearly everyone I know. I post about Freekibble, volunteer opportunities, and places to shop or eat where proceeds benefit pets. When pet food manufacturers give away food to non-profit animal groups, my contacts get the word.”
A Sagittarius, Emmy scratches her natural travel itch through HouseCareers, a website in which homeowners and house sitters can find each other. In Arizona she cared for a miniature poodle  and a cat and in Colorado she watched over two Shelties. The service is free to homeowners. Although it makes typing difficult, Emmy’s fingers are permanently crossed in hopes that pet owners in Rome or Paris will need her services.
As for a sense of humor, “I never leave home without it,” quips Emmy the Pet Sitter.

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