The Pet Industry's Leading Resource for News & Content Distribution, a pet industry oriented web-based marketing company, has entered into a partnership with DogSmith, a dog training and pet care service. offers a variety of marketing services through a network of websites including:,,,,,,,,, and

DogSmith is the brainchild of Niki Tudge, a Certified Dog Trainer and Dog Behavior Consultant. Tudge uses a system of education called ARRF, supported by an operational implementation process called MTR. By partnering with FamilyPet, DogSmith hopes to garner more customers across the United States and provide pet care providers through companies such as and

Tudge reported, “We’re excited to be working with such a knowledgeable and passionate group of people like the team at FamilyPet. Through this partnership, we will be able to reach more customers across the country and continue to provide the outstanding level of training and care that we have become known for.”

DogSmith’s training focus is to make the process fun for both owner and dog and to strengthen the bond between the two. Local DogSmith trainers provide an array of dog training solutions based on each customer’s needs. The trademarked MTR system (managing, training, relationship) is built to help owners not only train but grow closer to their pet(s).

Jared Katz, Vice President of Business Development for FamilyPet, shared, “DogSmith is a company with a terrific philosophy rooted in science, and it has been recommended by clients, veterinarians, animal shelters and other organizations all across the United States. We look forward to working with them to expand their scope, and we are happy that they will help us to give people the best options for pet care available.”

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