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The television show, Everday Edisons on PBS, is presently in its fourth season and currently has an open casting call for pet product ideas. The pet product idea casting call ends April 23, 2012, but inventors may submit their pet product ideas until April 30, when the open casting call ends for the fifth season.

Everyday Edisons is designed to help inventors bring their ideas to fruition and make them into finished products, when licensing to manufacturers and major retailers may ensue. Edison splits any royalties with the inventors, who pays Edison a $25 idea submission fee but no other fees.

In April of 2012, Everyday Edisons began airing their fourth season, with some featured pet product inventors including Brian Smith of Florida with a slow pull retractable dog leash, Ken Joyner of California with a spot extractor for stains on carpets, and Daniel Lintz of California and the Rover Rinser dog bathing product.

The Emery Cat board product got its start on the Emmy award-winning television show, with the company claiming to have sold over one million dual cat scratcher/nail trimmers.

The open casting call is the first of two for Season Five. Up to 50 inventors will be flown to Charlotte, North Carolina for a casting process. At the end, the team at Everyday Edisons will select 10 candidates for the show. The show itself chronicles the development of consumer product innovations and was launched in June of 2008.

Show contestants do not face elimination, like many other reality shows; rather, good faith efforts are made to help each contestant bring their product into the commercialization process. Though no financial success guarantee can be made, no financial investment is required by inventors either.

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