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EDL Consulting, a company that has partnered with software and services vendors like, announced deployment for the Tagg—The Pet Tracker online store, by Snaptracs, Inc., to its e-commerce application, CloudCraze.


The CloudCraze e-commerce application was developed for organizations to power rapidly deployed, infinitely-scalable eCommerce capabilities. Designed for marketers’ needs, CloudCraze features an administrative suite for content, promotions, and bundling. Touted as being three times faster than traditional Java or .net-centric solutions, the B2C/B2B e-commerce product was developed natively on the platform.


“For Tagg—The Pet Tracker we required an eCommerce partner who could be bold, creative and efficient to power our online store,” said Tom Doyle, vice president of operations for Snaptracs. “We count choosing EDL Consulting and CloudCraze among the key decisions we made this year to help us deliver this product.”


A wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, Tagg—The Pet Tracker, the Tagg pet tracking system utilizes GPS and wireless technologies for pet owners to “follow” their pets whereabouts. Pet owners are able to access Tagg from a mobile phone, mobile device, or computer.


“Snaptracs has truly created a new category in pet care and brought an important differentiated offering to market,” said Bill Loumpouridis, President and CEO at EDL Consulting. “At EDL we have endeavored to the same ambitious level of vanguard product development with our CloudCraze product for B2C and B2B eCommerce.”


Information about TAGG may be gleaned from the company’s website, Learn more about CloudCraze at and the EDL Consulting website at

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