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VIP treatment is an understatement for the occupants of the Canine Design Dog Resort in Danville, Illinois.  Cynthia and Patrick Harrington spared no expensive when creating a grooming, rehabilitation and boarding facility for dogs.  Walking in to the reception area, customers are welcomed by a warm, friendly atmosphere, consisting of beverages, comfortable furniture and a fireplace.  The boarding quarters stay consistent with that theme.  The 13 kennels, measuring 6 by 7½ feet, are kept at a temperate 73 degrees.  Throughout the boarding area, soothing music is played through a surround sound system.  Each kennel is accompanied by its own exercise area, in addition to the dogs being walked several times a day around the grounds.

The cost for this facility is $20 a night if you supply the dog’s food.  If you let the Harrington’s supply the food, the price will go up about $5.  Aside from boarding, services at the facility include grooming and water therapy.  The water therapy pool, heated to a pleasant 95 degrees, is where Cynthia will work with dogs that suffer from ailments such as joint injuries or arthritis.  The couple also takes in animals waiting to be adopted to assimilate them to home life and other animals.

When constructing the facility, the Harrington’s put great emphasis on wanting it to be as energy efficient as possible.  Along with insulated walls and windows, the facility uses a solar system for heating and also utilizes wind energy.

This couple’s kennel exemplifies what a passion for animals combined with a passion to help can accomplish.

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