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Artist Missy Johnson, founder of Dogs for the Paws, has launched an October promotion to stop breed-specific legislation.

According to the American Humane Association, “Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is the banning or restriction of specific breeds of dogs considered “dangerous” breeds, such as pit bull breeds, Rottweilers and German shepherds. Many states, counties and municipal governments are turning to legislation that targets specific breeds as an answer to dog attacks.”

Johnson has always had a talent and passion for painting, and she is channeling that into dogs.

“I wanted to do some type of project or event that would bring awareness to the amazing work shelters and rescues do every day,” Johnson shared. Armed with a bevy of brushes, Johnson painted portraits of 80 dogs from all over the United States and shared their stories via social media and blog. Fast forward 500 days later, and Johnson acquired thousands of Facebook fans and a message of hope shared.

Now Johnson is spreading the message of stopping breed-specific legislation through her artwork and is encouraging folks everywhere to share the special poster she has created for the movement. Johnson hopes to help educate and raise awareness for the issues of BSL and how it affects families and their pet companions across our country and beyond.

Dogs for the Paws works to educate and engage others to speak out for animals and groups in need. Through the use of custom pet themed artwork, DFP inspires others to know about issues and animals that need help and how they might be able to do something for these animals and groups in need.

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