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A new era of the pet / art awareness site, Dogs for the Paws (DFP) has begun with a very unique 2012 awareness theme, “DFP Bark Forces…Mission Awareness”. The “Bark Forces” program will be engaging, educational and fun as well as using the popular pet themed art of national artist, Missy Johnson as a call to action to inspire others to help make a difference for animals in need.

Through the “Bark Forces”, fans will continue DFP’s dedication to helping raise awareness for animals in need across the US and beyond by posting and sharing pets across social media sites and the DFP blog. Missy has created a unique custom military themed logo, badges and promotional materials that fans will be able to post, share and purchase to show their support of “DFP Bark Forces”and helping animals in need.

The Central Bark Command of the “Bark Forces”, hidden away in their East Coast bunker will be posting challenges and interactive games to promote awareness as well as educating fans how they can make a difference for animals in need, whether it be rescue, fostering, donating, adoption, or volunteering. There are different virtual badges that fans will be rewarded with when they take part in the various challenges the “Bark Forces” will issue over the next year. Two very special fans, who go above and beyond the call of duty will be awarded a special recognition at the end of the year. Challenges have 3 levels of participation ranging from a simple act (Level 1) of donating old linens to a shelter to a higher level badge (Level 3) for fostering a homeless pet.

The “Bark Forces” program offers a diverse fan base for advertisers as well as an active group of over 12,000 fans across Facebook, Twitter and the DFP blog. Sponsors will be able to promote and share their products which DFP fans are always asking for…new tips, products and ideas to having happy and healthy pets. All of this done through a fun and educational way that helps build a growing network to share the issues of rescue, abused, neglected and homeless pets.

Are you and your pets ready to serve their country and help animals in need?

Obey the Paw!

For more info or to join the “Bark Forces” –

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