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The dog walking franchise, Dogs Love Running!, has announced they are current accepting applications for franchisees in the Illinois area.


Dogs Love Running! is a home-based pet business franchise founded in 2008. Services include dog walking and running, pet sitting of all pets, private in-home boarding, and customized pet daycare services. Dogs Love Running! is a home-based business with staff members, so franchisees can ensure a flexible schedule.


As the winner of the 2009 Naperville Small Business of the Year, the company was founded by John Reh, who is also its president. Based in Lisle, Illinois, Reh recently stated, “We’re looking for incredible people that want to follow through on their dream job and work with animals for a living. With a Dogs Love Running! franchise, we make that dream job come to life easily and quickly.”


Reh also reported that the Chicago suburban areas and city itself are prime areas of growth in 2012. Since they are Chicago-based, the company offers in-person training as well as in-person support after a franchisee opens their location. “With the population and demographics in this area plus the personal hand-holding we can offer, we see many franchisees joining up with us in the coming year,” Reh shared.


By offering customers the unique service of running with their dogs, Dogs Love Running! franchisees and their staff can give clients’ pets a way to burn off excess energy, according to the company. Reh reported they are looking for people who want a dream job and to work with animals for a living.

“One of the most common questions we get is if you have to be a ‘runner’ to do this business”, said Reh. “Although a franchisee would find it beneficial to be able to run or jog themselves, they don’t have to be a hard-core runner primarily because they’ll have staff making the pet visits for them.”


To learn more about Dogs Love Running! and their franchise opportunity, visit or contact John Reh at 1-877-738-7786.


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