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LONDON, U.K. (December 3, 2014)Clickety Clips is a new concept in online video resource designed with the modern, ‘time-poor’ dog owner in mind. “They want pets who can be treated as members of the family,” Vicky Carne, founder of Clickety Clips, said. “This new digital generation of owners is looking for help and insights delivered in a way that fits with their smart technology and demanding lives.”

Meet the modern dog owner:

  • Their pet has its own Facebook account
  • When working late they Skype their dog from the office
  • They will buy their dog a Christmas present (probably more than one bought online)
  • They use the latest gadgets to monitor their dog’s diet and exercise

Clickety Clips is a free, easy access online resource for this new breed of dog owner, who wants a well-behaved, contented pet but juggles dog ownership with a demanding job, family, friends and social life.

Clickety Clips helps them succeed by offering high-speed digital, free access to the best video training guides and canine insights.

“Modern dog owners want to learn on the go,” Carne said. “They want information they can access and consume easily, on a smart phone or tablet, at a time that suits them – at home, on a train or over lunch during the working day.”

“They visit the vet and seek advice and may well sign their dog up for puppy classes. But they also want ready access to different approaches and ideas to help them make decisions about everything from training to treats, from physical health to their pets’ mental wellbeing.”

“Plus, there is a lot of research out there that shows that people enjoy video and find it a great way to absorb information, including new skills. Two-thirds of people describe themselves as visual learners and 100 million internet users watch online videos every day.”

How Clickety Clips meets the needs of modern dog owners

Clickety Clips identifies and then reviews high quality and helpful video content for dog owners (and would-be dog owners). As well as being best in breed, the videos are selected with the ‘digital native’ generation of dog owners in mind and can be watched in a matter of minutes.

“There are millions of videos available, but it’s a challenge for the average dog owner to determine which feature techniques that are both humane and effective,” Carne said. “At Clickety Clips, we find the best video demos and tutorials out there, and sort them into helpful categories so they’re easier to search and select.”

Research background

  • According to research carried out for GoCompare by Vision Critical, nearly one million UK pet owners have created an online profile for their pet, a practice known as ‘social petworking.’
  • Skype’s ‘Pet Brand Ambassador,’ Paris Permenter, uses it to stay in touch with her dogs and has published special Skyping tips for pet owners.
  • Research from Pets At Home discovered 66% of owners will spend the same amount, or even more, on their pet than they would on a partner at Christmas.
  • According to Petplan, over half of us would include a pet in our will, as they are seen as an extension of the family unit and many owners are concerned for their pets’ welfare after they’re gone.
  • Some 100 million Internet users watch online video each day (source: ComScore) and two-thirds of people say they’re visual learners (source: Brafton).

Clickety Clips background

Clickety Clips helps dog owners deal with a whole range of doggy challenges positively and effectively – from puppies who treat sofas as chew toys through to more challenging behaviors. And because every clip is reviewed by an experienced dog trainer, owners can be sure the techniques being shown not only achieve results but help develop happy and contented pets.

Clickety Clips is the brainchild of serial dog owner Vicky Carne, who started out as a traditional publisher before becoming a computer games publisher and Internet entrepreneur. “It’s a confusing world for dog owners, with ever more stringent laws relating to dog behavior,” Carne says. “If we’re confused, how much more confusing must it be for our dogs? While they’re highly adaptable, they need our help to learn the right way to behave and to fit into our homes and lifestyles. There are some fantastic dog training videos available online. Clickety Clips searches out the best – and puts them all in one place for you.”

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