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NEWPORT COAST, CA, October 26, 2011Have you heard of a man they call “The Russian Dog Wizard Vladae”?

A major TV network has put together a demo video with this hilarious former KGB dog trainer as its host. Wondering what network? Visit this link to find out.

In Michigan, Vladae was the first dog trainer in history to be awarded by the state for job excellence, volunteer work to the community, and becoming a successful U.S. citizen. Here is Vladae’s website. His dog training success has been featured in countless media outlets across the United States. Vladae’s approach, called Doglish, consists of unique verbal sounds and body movements to mimic how dogs communicate among themselves. Vladae hosts his own segment on America’s most-listened-to pet talk radio network Animal Radio.

To all fellow pet owners and pet lovers, feel free to view the demo and vote for Vladae! 

For Media Contact:
Karen Deren — on behalf of Vladae’s countless clients
(949) 274-3445

Help Vladae get to the “living room big screen” by ‘liking’ his video!


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