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On Sunday, January 15, the Golden Globes went to the dogs, as the canine star of the movie, The Artist, had the audience of celebrities and press “ooh-ing and ah-ing” at his antics.

Golden Globe award winner of The Artist, Jean Dujardin, took to the Golden Globe stage with his on-screen canine co-star and performed a few tricks from the film with Uggie. During one of the tricks, Uggie fell down as if he was shot and then plays dead.

Much to the chagrin of the crowd, cheers could be heard from cast and audience. This fun scene took place when The Artist was announced as the best picture, comedy or musical, and the movie’s cast and crew took to the stage. Producer Thomas Langmann stepped up to the microphone to begin his speech when Uggie’s antics seemed to have stolen the show.

In related news, movie producer, screenwriter, and director, Steven Spielberg, reported that he feels animals should be recognized at the Oscars. One of the ten horses in Spielberg’s latest movie, War Horse, walked the red carpet at the movie’s Leicester Square premiere and continued with a photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine.

The British Academy of Film and Television replied to requests for Oscar consideration for Uggie the dog by stating that Uggie could not be considered for Best Supporting Actor “as he is not a human being and his unique motivation as an actor was sausages”.

The website Movieline has started a “Consider Uggie” campaign and claims that the terrier showed emotional range and “handily outperforms” Leonardo DiCaprio – nominated for Best Actor for J Edgar.

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