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DRIPPING SPRINGS, TEXAS (September 9, 2013) — With over 78 million dogs in the U.S., it is no secret people love their pooch. Until now dog lovers have had to leave their pet at home far too often, for lack of a hands-free way to include them. With Dog Ring, people will have the freedom to spend more time with their pups. Think of a hula hoop that opens up on one end allowing you to easily clip around trees, posts and poles in seconds. On the ring is a specially designed leash that ‘free-runs’ a full 360 degrees around the ring without tangling up. It is just that easy. The Dog Ring is light, portable and very strong.

The number one complaint people have while on activities with their dog is that they have to hold on to the leash for long periods of time or tie the leash to a tree where it most certainly will get tangled. “‘Dog Ring’ is going to forever change how people interact with their dogs,” said David Wilder, CEO of Dog Ring LLC. “Finally, people will have a solution which allows them to take their dog everywhere in a fun and safe way. We care just as much about the welfare and safety of people’s dogs as they do.” People have a positive response to this product. The Dog Ring will be a welcome addition while camping, road trips, parks, hiking, gardening, houses with non-fenced yards, BBQ’s, exercising, and just about anything else you and your dog can think of.

After working on this project for almost four years, the company is ready for production. David has shown his desire to keep the manufacturing here in the U.S. by choosing a company in Phoenix, AZ. Dog Ring LLC say they are open for pre-registration and advanced notice of their crowdfunding campaign launch in September. Dog Ring LLC is using crowdfunding as a way of raising capital and support. A successful campaign allows the manufacturer to “tool-up” with molds and specialized processes needed for production. Potential contributors can sign-up for email notification by registering at

Crowdfunding  pledge amounts are designed to fit any budget. Even a pledge of just $5 is greeted with heartfelt appreciation. The biggest pledge on Dog Ring’s campaign allows one lucky dog to be the company ambassador for its international marketing for an entire year.  With each pledge amount, the ‘backer’ gets varying incentives. The incentives are usually the product themselves or a way to include the backer somehow with the company. One top crowdfunding company has helped fund over 47,000 projects since they began in 2009.

David is no stranger to the corporate world. He has 8 years’ experience in the mortgage banking industry and 6 more years as executive in the oil business. He is well versed in running successful projects and managing teams. His education is Finance from CU Denver, and Project Management from CCU. David feels a great responsibility to “keep things” in the U.S. and to help to create jobs. “We have plenty of good, hard-working Americans that are more than happy to work, they just need a hand, we all need a hand sometimes” David said. Dog Ring is a revolution. People are now going to have complete freedom with their dogs; it’s going to be great. Check it out at

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