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Dog is Good, LLC, has been named the creators of the official t-shirt for the 2012 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards. The company plans to donate all retail profits from the sale of the shirt to the American Humane Association.

The 2012 awards will take place on October 6, 2012, in Beverly Hills, California. Presented by Lois Pope LIFE Foundation and broadcast on the Hallmark Channel, the hero dog awards are produced by MRB Productions, which have won an Emmy.

Dog is Good Co-Founder Gila Kurtz, shared, “We are thrilled to be involved with the Hero Dog Awards. We created our company to celebrate the bond between people and dogs. While most people experience the joy of having a dog through playing fetch, taking a walk together, or getting a wet nose nuzzle, there are others whose lives are truly changed by having a service, working, or therapy dog. We are participating to honor both these selfless creatures and the organizations that support and train them.”

The Hero Dog Awards draws both celebrations of the human and canine variety, with awards in eight different categories. The categories include service dogs, military dogs, hearing dogs, law enforcement/arson dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, therapy dogs, and “emerging hero dogs” (pets and ordinary dogs that do extraordinary things).

Voting for the 2012 Hero Dog Awards finalists is open for anyone who wants to participate at the Hero Dog Awards website and goes through June 30, 2012. Voting for the top “American Hero Dog” runs from July 3 through October 5.

Dog is Good’s special edition t-shirt was created to highlight the traits that make dogs heroes. The design recognizes courage, loyalty, and selflessness. They are available online from the Dog Is Good website, priced at $22.99, and $23.00 depending on the size.

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