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NEW YORK (September 26, 2013) – Dog Fashion Spa refined line of personal care products for dogs is pleased to announce the launch of a chic dog nail care line raising the standard for both quality and aesthetic value of dog grooming products. The new line features non-toxic nail polish for dogs in trendy shades, a glass nail file, and all-natural nail polish remover for dogs, available at

Only three months after launching their upscale grooming line for dogs, which includes coat care, eye pads, paw care, dog perfumes, and gift sets for dogs, Dog Fashion Spa has announced the addition of non-toxic nail care for dogs looking to dig into estimated $5.8 billion that Americans spend on Halloween. With over 60% of American consumers celebrating Halloween and 40% of consumers dressing up in Halloween costumes, almost 12% of those who are putting on costumes for the holiday will also dress up their pets.

Halloween costumes for dogs have become increasingly popular and dog nail art is a part of the dress up ritual. Dog Fashion CEO Elena Volnova comments, “Halloween provides an amazing opportunity for people to show their creativity and have fun. We came up with the highest quality nail color formula that does not have any toxins and could be used on dogs and dog parents to allow them have matching nails in fantastic colors.”

Co-founder Domenico Ponti adds, “We stand for Quality Life for Dogs, so we encourage dog parents to celebrate holidays with their beloved pets and do it in style. Dog Fashion Spa nail polish is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and is great on women’s nails too. Try wearing matching nail color with your dog this Halloween and Christmas and we guarantee your dog and you will be the center of attention.”

One of the feature dog nail care items in the new line is a glass nail file that will help dog parents trim and shape dog nails. The nail file is made of the highest quality glass and is elegantly decorated with the Dog Fashion Spa logo. The nail file is like no other on the pet grooming market and has a non-porous surface that does not absorb water and can be sanitized 100%. Because it is made of glass, the nail file reduces peeling and splitting of dog nails and does not disturb nail polish during touch ups. Dog Fashion believes its nail file is a “must-have accessory for every dog.”

Another one-of-a-kind product featured in the new Dog Fashion Spa nail care line is all-natural, eco-friendly nail polish remover that nourishes dog’s nails while safely removing nail polish. The polish remover’s non-toxic formula is derived from crops and works perfectly to remove Dog Fashion Spa nail color. It contains soybean esters that moisturize and nourish dog nails and is free of harmful chemicals like acetone, carcinogens, or petroleum ingredients. Volnova adds, “Our nail polish remover is nothing like you have seen before. It is 100% biodegradable and women who buy it start using it to remove their own nail polish.”

The nail polish colors have been carefully selected to satisfy dog parents demands from taking a dog to a wedding to holiday celebrations, and dog runway fashion shows. There is also a white base coat for dogs with dark nails to cover dark nail pigmentation and a clear fast-dry top coat. Fun color names add to the experience. There is chic paw for a wedding, trendy paw to make a fashion statement, or sexy paw for your dog to be “unapologetically feminine.” Dog Fashion Spa nail color is non-toxic as it does not contain harmful ingredients like toluene, dibutyl phthalate (dbp), formaldehyde, or campor.

CEO Volnova adds, “I started using Dog Fashion Spa nail polish on my own nails after I got educated about all the chemicals the majority of nail polishes have. All the sudden it made sense that pregnant women are strongly advised against wearing nail color. I now go to a spa with my own bottles of non-toxic Dog Fashion Spa nail polish so I can match my dog’s nails.”

To celebrate the addition of the nail color line, Dog Fashion Spa premiered a YouTube video that features the new nail polish and current best selling products like gentle eye pads to clean around dog eyes and their signature dog fragrance. The products are available for dog parents at select pet stores, dog grooming salons, doggy daycare and online at

About Dog Fashion Spa
Dog Fashion Spa, owned by a NYC-based startup Dog Fashion, was launched after two years of research and formula development with the goal to provide Quality Life for Dogs, which is known as a company motto. Dog Fashion Spa line includes a variety of dog grooming and personal care products, from coat care, featuring signature dog shampoo, conditioner and two dog lotions, to paw and eye care that include eyes pads for dog eyes and moisturizer for dog paws. The brand is known for developing upscale fragrances for dogs and promoting dog birthday and Christmas gifts. Dog Fashion Spa is available online at and at select pet stores, dog grooming salons, dog-friendly hotels, and doggy daycare.

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