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DNA Pet Food recently launched a program that rewards pet specialty employees and their customers with free dog or cat food. The program is an online points-based one and is dubbed “Real Rewards.”

Pet store employees who recommend DNA food to customers who have not yet tried it will be rewarded with free food for their pets.

DNA starts out as a raw food made in a cannery. It is mixed and then made into large sausages when it is refrigerated to form a solid meat loaf. After dicing and going to a low temperature drying room, the preservation of most amino acids and enzymes are preserved. The dried slices of DNA that result pour and feed like a kibble or may be rehydrated back to their original meaty form. According to the company, every three pounds of DNA pet food can be nutritionally compared to about 10 pounds of raw food.

With its new Real Rewards program, each store employee gets 40 vouchers per month to hand out to customers. The voucher allows customers to receive a free bag of DNA dog or cat food via email along with store-specific coupons.

Ken Wilks, president of DNA Pet Food, shared, “The consumer has to redeem the discounts at the store where the employee is registered. The beauty of this program is that it creates a consumer loyalty to that store.”

The program is planned to run for two years and thus far has been well-received, Wilks says. Coupons are tracked to each employee’s account and employees can receive a free bag of dog or cat food once 10 points have been earned.

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