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The Diversity News Publications network of companies has announced they are official media partners of the upcoming film, The Ferret Squad The Movie.


Alison Parker, Director, Producer, and Editor, is currently raising funding for the film that she plans to release in the spring of 2013. She hopes to raise $50,000 using social media sites along with the web-based site, Indiegogo. Five percent of the funds raised will be donated to the cause of legalizing ferrets in the state of California.


Steven Escobar, Executive Editor-In-Chief of Diversity News Magazine, Producer and Director of Diversity News TV, reported, “I am very happy that our organization is helping in getting the word out about this beautiful and amazing project…By giving back a percentage of the movie to legalize Ferrets in California is something to say Thank you for giving voice to the ones the cannot speak.”


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Parker has a rich history in the filmmaking industry. Her first short film, Night of the Unwed, won second place at the Dead on Film Zombie Short Film Festival in 2010. Her short film, Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale, was funded by ferret lovers worldwide and featured her own pet ferret, Falcor, as “Jasper.”


More information about The Ferret Squad can be found at, on Facebook at, with fundraising information at


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