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August 27, 2012


New Wave’s DEVO Guests on Animal Radio®
Founding Member Showcases Anti-Romney Song

(Los Angeles CA., August 27, 2012) Gerald Casale (DEVO), Bill Wasik (Wired Editor) & Monica Murphy, DVM along with Behavioral Scientist Stanley Coren, will be guest hosting America’s most-listened-to pet talk, Animal Radio®, September 1st, airing on 102 AM/FM stations and XM Satellite Radio.

Popular Punk Rock/New Wave band DEVO’s Gerald Casale, tips us off that they are unleashing their new single “Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro” satirizing Mitt Romney’s dog-on-roof scandal. Casale states, “You put a dog in a small wooden crate on top of a car in the middle of the summer and drive for hours on end, something bad is going to happen!

Wired Editor Bill Wasik and Veterinarian Monica Murphy discuss rabies in their new book “Rabid.”  They explain to Animal Radio® co-host Judy Francis that everyone dies once they have contracted rabies, with very few exceptions, and that, “The amount of time that the virus takes to get to the brain actually depends a bit on how far from the brain it is.  So if you get bit on your neck by a bat then you might develop the symptoms of rabies in a week, but if you get it bit on your foot, then it could take months or more than a year to develop rabies.”

Behavioral Scientist Stanley Coren’s new book, “Do Dogs Dream” answers the age-old question and explains that dogs actually do dream. But when asked by Animal Radio® co-host Hal Abrams just what is it that they dream about?  Coren replied,  “Sometimes we think we know, when a dog’s legs are twitching and it looks like he is running after something, but it turns out that when you dream, the muscles all turn off.  If they didn’t turn off, you’d actually act out your dreams…  So we now know that dogs dream doggy things.  Pointers point at dream-birds and Doberman Pinschers chase dream-burglars.”

Catch this special national broadcast September 1st  2012, noon eastern on XM Satellite Radio channel 166 and also airing on 102 incredible AM-FM stations from Los Angeles to New York. Visit to find a local affiliate. This special program can also be heard on the animal radio app for iPhone and android.

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