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PETALUMA, Calif. (July 09, 2013) – Dairydell Canine Doggie Dude Ranch and Training Center has announced the addition of a unique dog safety class for children. Entitled “Doggie & Me,” the one-hour class provides both basic dog care and child safety information in an interactive format based upon early childhood learning patterns.

Developed by Senior Dog Trainer and Educator Lesley Zoromski, the curriculum is directed to children 4 years of age and older and draws heavily upon Zoromski’s background as a school teacher. Prior to her ten-years training at Dairydell, she was a credentialed K-8 teacher for fourteen years. “In order to learn, children need to be engaged. By incorporating age-appropriate puzzles and hands-on games in an atmosphere of comfort and calm, we have the ability to generate conversation. Through these conversations children have a much better chance of retaining critical safety information” said Zoromski.

Specific safety topics include how to recognize a nervous or unfriendly dog, when it is and isn’t safe to approach, and appropriate and inappropriate dog interactions.
In addition to safety issues, the $95 one-hour family class also covers important decision-making regarding who has responsibility for care of the family dog and creating and managing realistic ongoing expectations. Although the focus of the class is on children, all family members attend and participate.

“This is a very timely topic and I couldn’t be more delighted to add this consultation to our current roster of services” added Dairydell Owner, Camilla Gray-Nelson.

Families interested in signing up for a Doggie & Me consultation are invited to contact Dairydell Canine at 707-762-6111 or

About Dairydell Canine Doggie Dude Ranch and Training Center
Situated on a historic dairy farm in California’s Sonoma County, Kurt and Camilla Gray/Nelson have transformed their working ranch into a dog-lover’s dreamland. Dairydell, as the ranch is called, has been noted as a premier dog training establishment since 1989, featuring Camilla’s unique style of natural dog training under her familiar motto: “Wild to Wonderful.” The cows are still there, but now canines rule! Clients at Dairydell can choose from a bonanza of services including: boarding and daycare, obedience training, herding, numerous play activities, grooming, educational seminars and membership in Dairydell’s own private dog park. For more information visit:

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