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Purina Dog Chow has partnered with country duo, Thompson Square, a busy touring musical team who shares road travel with their dog, Etta.

A new tab has been created on the Purina Dog Chow brand Facebook page where dog lovers can visit a section titled “Dog Families Know.” The tab will direct users to a community of dog owners where they can share stories, videos, and photos of other folks who embrace and share their lives with dogs.

Shawna Thompson, of Thompson Square, shared, “We partnered with Purina Dog Chow because we are a proud dog family. We couldn’t think of a better way to join the community of dog owners, knowing how much a dog would bring to our lives in every situation, from being on a cross-country music tour, to simply spending time at home with family.”

Purina Dog Chow brand dog food recently commissioned a national survey that revealed 85 percent of dog families agree that their dog is a life force for a family, nearly 90 percent agreed that dogs teach their children to be more responsible, and more than 8 out of 10 people surveyed believe dogs provide unconditional love and love us for who we are.

Through July 31, a new topic will be proposed to dog parents as part of the campaign, which will be tacked on the virtual community board. This will occur via YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Purina Dog Chow will, in turn, donate $1 for up to $25,000 to Patriot Rovers, Inc., for each new item tacked to the community board. One photo will be selected each week as the Purina Dog Chow Facebook cover photo.

“We know that dogs enrich the lives of families, and based on the feedback we’ve been receiving on our Facebook page, we know our fans believe this, too. Because of that reason, we wanted to create this online community to give families the opportunity to capture and share these special, impactful moments, which our survey showed is a common bond between dog families everywhere,” said Karen Ganschaw, senior brand manager, Purina® Dog Chow® Brand Dog Food. “Furthermore, we are so excited to team up with Thompson Square for this campaign. Their loving relationship as a dog family makes them a perfect fit to represent our brand and the Dog Families Know program.”

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