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Database management company, ConsumerBase LLC, has updated their mailing lists in the consumer pet ownership domain. The company is located in Evanston, Illinois.
The database is composed of postal, e-mail, and telephone data from consumers that care for domestic or exotic animals and who are classified as “frequently in the market for products and services to enhance their pet’s lives,” according to ConsumerBase.
Larry Organ, CEO of the company, shared, “ConsumerBase understands that the pet industry is a growing B2C market in which the opportunity level for direct marketing campaigns to reach a captive audience is high. Our clients receive comprehensive access to mailing lists that target this valuable niche of consumers with successful results.”

In terms of numbers, ConsumerBase’s mailing lists include over 2 million pet lovers, classified as dog and cat owners; nearly 1 million animal lovers, classified as horse owners; nearly 4.3 million cat owners and approximately 6.9 million dog owners.
ConsumerBase is a direct marketing company that provides online and offline consumer behavioral data. Founded in 2001, they operate as a subsidiary of Organ Worldwide, LLC.  Their focus is acquiring and retaining customers, validating, cleaning, and enhancing customer data, and improving the overall performance of marketing communications.
Their database is a hybrid composed of proprietary response data, which includes postal, telephone, and e-mail, along with over 238 selectors for targeted marketing. The selectors include lifestyle, demographic, interest, geographic, and behavioral data.
ConsumerBase reports that all of their data is permission compliant and opt-in co-registrations, with 15 to 20 million new records acquired monthly. After a “hygiene process,” between 1.5 and 2 million new records are appended to the data base. An email is sent to its database daily with client offerings, and each email is deployed by analyzed categories and/or behaviors.
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