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In May 2009 Fetch…for cool pets! merged with ES Sutton, a $400 million platform of companies dealing in clothing, accessories & beauty products.

Fetch…for cool pets! is now looking for companies who would fit well into their distribution network. They are looking for underdeveloped items or brands that are that way either because the company lacks the marketing expertise or lacks the funds. Fetch! is interested in companies with a minimum of $5M-$10M in annual sales volume. They have a very hands-on role and would want to retain the owner as a partner to run the business. They will leverage the customer, supplier & branding relationships to bring the company up in volume immediately. Fetch loves 2 things more than anything else … INNOVATION & GROWTH.

After 28 years in the accessory business with Skaffles Group, entrepreneur Steven Shweky ventured into the giant but under-penetrated pet industry. In 2007 the creative team at Skaffles fashioned a grooming line “only for cool dogs!” For this there was only one brand that could fulfill our vision … Bed Head!

In 2008 Fetch … for cool pets! (formerly Skaffles) launched Pet Head™ by Bed Head™ which quickly became the most widely distributed specialty grooming brand in the pet industry. The products are sold in pet specialty stores, pet shops, and beauty salons all across America, Europe, Australia, Asia & the Middle East. 

With the success of Pet Head, Fetch has been quickly expanding its portfolio of brands with companies such as:

Arm & Hammer


Halo by Ellen DeGeneres

Tootsie Roll


Classic Media

Live Nation

Mr. Men Little Miss



Fetch…for cool pets! is an innovator of dog and cat products with a strong emphasis on BRANDS. Products include:

Grooming & Oral Care

Collars & Leashes

Stain & Odor Control

Pet Clothing

Waste Management

Pet Beds

Treats & Chews

Pet Toys

Bowls & Feeders

Kitty Litter

Fetch also provides private label development & manufacturing for major retailers. They currently supply over 300 corporate branded products for pet specialty retailers nationwide.

Only a year after their first shipment to PetSmart, Fetch was named a Top-30 supplier, making them the fastest growing vendor in the history of PetSmart.

In 2010, Fetch was awarded “2010 Hardlines Vendor of the Year” by PetSmart. 

Senior management attributed success to their attitude toward business:

“Fetch never ceases to innovate and never complacent with the status quo.”

“Fetch never says no!  They are a ‘can-do’ company always drive to be better”

With continued drive and energy, they have only begun to reach the surface of the growth curve. Fetch continues to innovate with new product lines and brands as well as push the envelope on market reach.

Steven Shweky, partner and president, can be contacted for more information about the offer.

FETCH … for cool pets!

1400 Broadway – 27th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Direct Tel #646-572-0501

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