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Clinical stage vaccine development company, Immunovacine Inc.,recently announced a research collaboration with one of the world’s largest animal health companies in pursuit of developing the next generation of animal vaccines.
The resulting vaccine products are targeted at having longer-lasting and single-dose protection against many common infectious diseases that effecting dogs and cats. Immunovaccine will combine multiple vaccine candidates that are provided by their research partners with the company’s DepoVax adjuvanting vaccine technology, which is proprietary.
John Trizzino, chief executive officer of Immunovaccine, reported, “This partnership is the latest development to highlight the significant promise our DepoVax technology holds for delivering more rapid, stronger and longer-lasting vaccines.”
The agreement is a continuing expansion of Immunovaccine’s animal health partnerships. They have an ongoing collaboration with Pfizer Animal Health and focus on leveraging the DepoVax technology to help prevent infectious diseases in multiple livestock situations.
Immunovaccine, Inc. is a company that develops vaccines for cancer therapy and infectious disease. DepoVax is their patented lipid delivery system. They are continuing to create new DepoVax-based vaccines with ongoing collaborations. In addition to their animal health vaccine applications, the company has a human health vaccine strategy .According to a press release issued by the company, the veterinary vaccine market is projected to grow to $5.6 billion in the United States by the year 2015, per a Global Industry Analysts report.
Immunovaccine, Inc., has retained the services of Vida Communication to provide public relations and investor relations services as of May 9, 2012. The initial term of contract is 12 months.
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