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COIT, the cleaning products and services supplier based in San Francisco, launched a “Pet Services Program” to ensure that homes remain a healthy environment for the whole family.

“More than 60% of U.S. households include pets,” Bob Kearn, President and CEO of COIT, said. “Our goal is to help homeowners combat the common stains and odors caused by their four-legged companions. With a little help from COIT, humans and pets can live happily together in a clean, comfortable environment that is safer for people with allergies.”

The company recommends taking advantage of home cleaning services every six months. COIT is currently running a contest on Facebook. Fans share their pets’ messiest moments in 500 words to win $500 to use toward COIT products or services.

“In addition to bi-annual carpet and upholstery cleaning, we recommend that pet households with HVAC systems have their Air Ducts cleaned every two years,” Kearn said. “Air Duct cleanings will help prevent dander and pet hair from circulating through the indoor environment, where they can aggravate the symptoms of pet allergies.”

Homeowners interested in learning more about the company’s Pet Services Program should call 1-800-FOR-COIT to request the new pet cleaning brochure, which features a 35% Off Coupon for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, and a 40% Off Coupon for HVAC Cleaning. For more information about all of COIT’s services, visit

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