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HONOLULU (July 12, 2013) – U.S. dogs with chronic skin conditions will soon rejoice due to an innovative, new deep-cleaning treatment being launched at this year’s SuperZoo that’s gentle enough for everyday use to detox dogs for a healthier lifestyle.

The Minicle Micro Bubbles treatment has garnered a strong following in Hawaii and was introduced by Cocojor Hawaii in Honolulu.  The treatment solely utilizes warm water Minicle Micro Bubbles that are 1/1000th the size of normal water bubbles and are more effective than typical shampoos and cleaning agents.  In addition, each Minicle Micro Bubble contains negative ions, which react with the positive ions found in the dirt, odors and oils found on a dog’s skin and coat, providing the ultimate cleaning experience.

cocojorimgMonica Shigenaga, Cocojor’s owner and founder, decided to launch the Minicle Micro Bubbles treatment at this year’s SuperZoo after personally realizing its benefits.

“Before her passing, my dog Coco had a debilitating skin condition that couldn’t be cured by conventional medical treatments,” Shigenaga said.  “I had learned about Minicle Micro Bubbles’ popularity in Japan and decided to try it out at Cocojor with Coco.  Much to our happiness, the deep cleaning of this treatment meant fewer skin problems and a better quality of life for Coco, which is why I wanted to bring this treatment to all dogs.”

Shigenaga said due to their small size, Minicle Micro Bubbles can penetrate dogs’ fur to deep clean even the tiniest pores on a dog and remove parasites such as fleas.  As the bubbles interact with a dog’s skin, old sebum (naturally occurring body oils) and keratin (outer skin and hair cells) are lifted away, leaving skin naturally moisturized with the proper balance of sebum and water.  This perfectly balanced skin that’s obtained after a treatment is why many common, irritating skin conditions that afflict dogs are mitigated.

The Minicle Micro Bubbles process is simple, yet effective, with the average treatment time lasting around 20 minutes, Shigenaga said.  The Minicle Micro Bubbles are created through an exclusive process that occurs once the water is run through the Minicle Micro Bubbles machine.  The warm water Minicle Micro Bubbles that are produced by the machine are infused with negative ions and are then administered through a special patented spray handle that allows the water to penetrate deeply past a dog’s coat and into individual pores.  As the Minicle Micro Bubbles clean a dog’s skin and coat, it also detoxes the dog from the inside out by promoting increased blood circulation and oxygenation, which also helps mitigate skin conditions.

Shigenaga offers Minicle Micro Bubbles training sessions in Honolulu through the Cocojor Canine Academy.  The sessions are designed for professionals in the pet industry who’d like to learn how to effectively utilize this treatment within the United States.  She will also be traveling throughout the U.S. over the next year, offering in-person trainings as well.

For more information on Minicle Micro Bubbles, and live product demonstrations, please visit Cocojor Hawaii/Minicle Micro Bubble at SuperZoo booth #3383 or call 808-592-3647 (DOGS).

About Cocojor Emporium & Spaw
In 2002, Monica Shigenaga founded Cocojor Hawaii in Honolulu in honor of her dogs, Coco and Jordan (hence Cocojor!).  Shigenaga wanted to offer Hawaii’s pet parents a one-stop shop to not only purchase the best pet apparel and baked goods but also offer up a tranquil environment where pets could be groomed and boarded while pet parents are away.  Cocojor introduced its Minicle Micro Bubbles treatment, which harnesses the natural power of water to provide dogs with a deep, healing cleaning that mitigates many common skin ailments.  For more information, please visit or call 808-592-3647 (DOGS).

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