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ClimateRight, a product that is both a small portable air conditioner and heater designed for dog houses, has launched a nationwide partnership designed for veterinary professionals.

The ClimateRight Vet Partner program is free of charge to veterinarians. Vets are encouraged to contact ClimateRight and request a free Vet Starter Kit. In return, ClimateRight will send a small tabletop brochure stand for clinics that is stocked with animal heat stress leaflets and ordering information. The company reports there is no cost or inventory stocking charge to vets, and clinics earn a commission on all units sold thanks to a tracking system ClimateRight built into the program.

ClimateRight’s CR-2550 model is made for pet houses between 5 and 360 cubic feet and is designed to prevent heat stress and stroke in dogs. It cools in the summer and warms in the winter, and according to the company, installation is and it runs quietly.

Powered by standard 110v electric, the unit comes with digital programming and a remote control, with 2500 BTU capacity. ClimateRight also states there are “no carbon or dangerous emissions,” on their website.

The product was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America television show in a segment called “Five Ways to Keep Pets Cool This Summer,” hosted by pet industry expert and veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker. Becker shared, “ClimateRight heats in the winter and cools in the summer.”

Manufactured exclusively by Tacom Limited of Columbus, Ohio, ClimateRight portable air cooling and heating units are sold through a network of authorized dealers and retailers.

For specific program details, veterinarians may visit

Further information about ClimateRight and its entire line of products can be found at

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