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CHICO, Calif. (December 10, 2014) – Clicker training is an established method of training amongst the more modern behavioral dog trainers, in fact in many forms it has been around for a long time amongst animal trainers. This style of training is popular with owners and dogs alike, but it’s also used to train cats, horses, parrots and other animals. Humans love how easy this method is to master and how quickly we see results.

Clicker Plus announces the launch of the Clicker Ring, a small wearable jewelry ring, for training pets. The clicker makes it easy for dogs to know exactly which actions are being rewarded. With minimal practice, humans can become adept at clicking the instant they see the behavior they want from their dogs.

Josh Pitts, founder of Clicker Plus, stated, “In order for clicker training to appeal to the masses, and for the positive training movement to gain mainstream traction, we believe we must improve the tools we use. Our mission is to create user-friendly options, starting with our new Clicker Ring.”

The sound of the clicker is extremely easy for dogs to interpret. Human voices vary dramatically in tone and inflection depending on our mood. Even the simple “sit” can sound like different commands if we are happy, frustrated or frantic. With this in mind, Clicker Plus has properly designed an advance clicker, which always produces the same discrete sound so that it’s easily recognizable.

Clicker Plus is dedicated to making available the educational resources necessary to use clicker training effectively. They have created a YouTube-like website community ( where users can submit their own videos for the public to learn from.

Overall, clicker training is a very precise and more effective method of training dogs than correction based dog training is. It is never too late to start clicker training with your dog. This method of training is enjoyable not only for you, but for your canine companions as well.

About Clicker Plus
Josh Pitts, a certified professional dog trainer with over seven years of experience in the pet industry, started Clicker Plus in 2013. He established this company with the aim to train pets in a friendly manner and promote humane training education. To learn more about the company or pre-order your new Clicker Ring, please visit:

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Media Contact:
Josh Pitts, Founder
(530) 228-9115

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